STEMley Cup Champions: 1114 Simbotics, 1241 THEORY6, 4308 ABSOLUTE ROBOTICS, 7509 STEAMTeam Robotics

STEMley Cup Finalists: 4917 Sir Lancerbot, 2056 OP Robotics, 6878 SJB Odyssey, 1075 Sprockets

Awards (as voted by the teams in attendance):

Square Root Slap Shot (best offensive robot):  4917 Sir Lancerbot
Pythagorean PK (best defensive robot):  6878 SJB Odyssey
Frictionless Face Off (best autonomous):  1325 Inverse Paradox
Parabolic Power Play (creative design, use of component, or strategy):  4678 CyberCavs
Buoyant Break Away (pre-rookie, rookie, or young team all-star):  7623 STM Robotics
Hip? Check! (best team imagery):  5719 Pink Titans
Hat Trig (best all round team that can serve as a role model to others; strong robot, team spirit, and Gracious Professionalism):  2056 OP Robotics