STEMley Cup Champions: 2852 DM High Voltage, 1114 Simbotics, 5631 SpartanDroids

STEMley Cup Finalists: 2056 OP Robotics, 1325 Inverse Paradox, 5921 TLK Kougars

Awards (as voted by the teams in attendance):
Square Root Slap Shot (best offensive robot):  1114 Simbotics
Pythagorean PK (best defensive robot/can-grabber):  2056 OP Robotics
Frictionless Face Off (best autonomous):  4678 CyberCavs
Parabolic Power Play (creative design, use of component, or strategy):  1334 Red Devils
Catalyst Assist (best buddy and team support in team development, event preparation and during the event):  4039 MakeShift Robotics
Buoyant Break Away (rookie/young team stand-out):  5406 Celt-X
Second Derivative Rebound (most improved from competition season):  1241 Theory6
Hip? Check! (best team imagery):  4525 Renaissance Robotics
Zygote Zambonis (outstanding volunteer):  Matt Ciprietti, Monica Alderson
Hat Trig (best all round team that can serve as a role model to others):  2852 DM High Voltage